Eternel Aimer


Looking at you, we were sitting by the beach

I know that feeling inside you…

And you knew it to be true

I was leaving…

We were miles apart when were together


An argument at a drop of a feather

 Closer when we were apart

But it could work, From the very start

You told me i don’t have a heart, it’s true

Because you know… its with you


That smile of yours got me closer

You were jumping and laughing with all your heart

I was the complicated poseur 

You were full of joy, so simple and  smart

I was the young lad with opened eyes

No sad story now no more cries 

An angel walked into my soul

I found myself to be whole

So here we are seeing your young braces

I tried to find you, found no traces

I got a request and i jumped with joy

Took me back years to a young school boy

You pulled the truth out of me

I had nothing in me that you could not see

We thought we were meant to be

And i had to flee…


Here we are after all those years

Sitting by the beach

Killing myself with all your tears

A solution i can’t reach

We sit on the cold sand looking at the moon and waves

At the end of a depressing day. your the one who saves

I wish i would have stayed back

But fate put me on a different track

Your beauty is beyond comparison

And  who said that this chapter was done?


For you live on in what i write

In my darkest hour, it is your memory which sheds light










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